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Transparent Health Benefits

Join our mission to radically transform health benefits™

Our fresh approach to employee health benefits lowers cost by an average of 20% while increasing the quality of care

What We Do

The Academy brings together innovative solutions that helps companies offer higher quality benefits at a lower cost.

Is The Academy a health insurance company?
Well, sort of. The Academy is a network of expert employee benefits advisors who each serve as a consultant to companies like yours, enabling them to establish their own self-funded benefits programs. Think of The Academy as a proven guide through the process of benefits self funding.
What type of companies has The Academy helped?
The Academy's self-funding strategies have been implemented for companies of varying size and reach, including casino gaming corporations, municipal governments and financial services enterprise organizations. Employers of most any size will see immediate impact with The Academy.
Why haven't I heard of this before?
The truth is that The Academy's proven methods have been around for decades but the major insurers have proactively driven employers away from self-funding. Why? The answers to that question are too many to answer but it all comes down to cost savings for you and losses for the big insurers.

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How It Works

Self-funding: A simple alternative to the status quo.

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01. Utilization Management
Identify areas of ineffective spend & define custom solutions.
  • Receive fewer claims & pay less
  • Optimize RX drug costs for employees
  • Implement cost controls to mitigate risk
02. Alternative Reimbursement
Negotiate better terms.
  • Establish care-based improvement metrics
  • Create transparency & eliminate fake discounts
  • Foster beneficial relationships with providers
03. Rx Drug Optimization
Remove wasteful spending & improve transparency.
  • Optimize procurement strategy
  • Focus on specialty drug utilization
  • Receive up-to 867% off pharmacy costs
04. Enhanced Access to Care
Improve overall quality of care while removing roadblocks to finding the best providers, all while maintaining cost transparency.
  • Eliminate expensive trips abroad for major procedures
  • Provide each plan member with a dedicated care advocate
  • The best providers, now all in-network

20% Average Savings And Counting

Transparency leads to significant savings

Employees in our largest group
20 %
Savings over leading insurers
Median group size
$ 0
Ideal employee out-of-pocket

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